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We enable our children to become reflective and caring citizens locally, nationally and globally.  This underpins the ethos of our school and helps each child to achieve their best.  Our work in the community is at the heart of everything we do.  

We believe that children should have opportunities to develop their skills alongside the National Curriculum and experience life beyond the classroom. We have established strong partnerships with many local and global organisations, which enable us to broaden the horizons of our children. By doing this, we encourage them to be ambitious, to consider options beyond those they would otherwise believe possible.  


At Pakefield we understand that children need to value their role in our world and be part of more than our school. We are passionate about establishing links within our local community and our wider community to enable our children to do this.  

Being part of a community means valuing each other and caring for those in need. We are committed to encouraging children to understand that we are all responsible for doing this. 

Our most recent Bird Box project May 2021. 

The beautiful bird boxes are painted and ready to be part of the First Light Festival art exhibition in Kensington Gardens. We’re looking forward to next year when we can be a part of the whole weekend again




Here are some of the pictures of our projects



Our many projects have included collecting shoes to send to those in need, food collections for a local homeless shelter and raising money to support PinkOrange  which provides food packages for families. Children are encouraged to ask questions, when visitors from these projects come in to see us and by doing so, they take ownership and responsibility for the welfare of others.  


In our work to support the children's journey in becoming global citizens, we teach the children acceptance which enables them to be work alongside and care about others.  At Pakefield we are involved in many projects which inspire our children in different ways. From a photography project with a school in Uganda, a letter exchange project with a school in France to our projects with local residential homes. These experiences undoubtedly break down barriers and exemplify shared realities. For example, children in Uganda love to play football too, our friends in France also play computer games and those friends in the care home we visit each month will happily paint a picture with us and share stories.  


Our projects at Pakefield Primary School are constantly evolving, some are repeated and some are sustained year upon year to ensure as many children benefit as possible. These projects underpin what makes our school unique, what enables our children to begin their journey to adulthood with the most important foundations, on their journey to being a global citizen. 


 If you would like to find out more or have an exciting project that you would like us to join, please contact Mrs Phillips through the school office.    

 We work in close collaboration with  


Some of our past projects 








Please remember that we are a no nut school.