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Pakefield Primary

Early Years Foundation Stage 

We believe that young children are uniquely individual and they have the right to flourish in a nurturing environment .  Our fundamental aim is to inspire curiosity and thinking through meaningful experiences.

Reception and Year 1 children are being taught in three mixed age classes, Squirrels, Tigers and Turtles. They are based in our Phase 1 building called the Rainbow Building, along with our Nursery class.

Each class can accommodate 30 children with 2 members of staff. All staff are highly experienced in working with both age groups.

Mixed age classes generate a family of learners who support and care for each other. Older children have the opportunity to help others and be a leader supporting their younger friends to play and learn and become independent learners who achieve well.  At the same time the older children can increase in independence and competence.


Year 1 children follow the National Curriculum and Reception children have an entitlement to the Foundation Stage Curriculum, supported by continuous provision. 


You can find the full documents at: 

Early Years Foundation Stage

Year 1


Our planning is based upon the Year 1 curriculum themes with a continuous cross reference to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.  Planning is broken down into half termly enquiries with children’s interests being interwoven.  There is a 2 year planning cycle. Our approach enables children to be ambitious, feel excited and be prepared for their next stage of learning. 

The classes at Pakefield are set up with a variety of continuous indoor and outdoor provision areas that are enhanced regularly to meet the needs of all children. Provision within these areas are planned for each week and incorporate observations and assessments made during the week.

There are areas within the classroom that are specifically planned to foster children's independence and imagination through children’s own selection of resources.

The learning environment, both inside and outside is adapted to the children as they mature and progress across the year and meet the expectations of the year group they are in. Expectations of  the Reception and Year 1 children are clear and differentiation is built into the provision. Aspirations across classes are high and children are continually nurtured to strive to be their very best.


Daily Routines

Direct whole class teaching that is kept to a minimum, during the day children will receive 3 formal teaching inputs, where staff will deliver Maths, Phonics and Literacy /Enquiry sessions. Children are grouped for phonics to enable them to be taught at the appropriate phase. In Maths and Literacy/Enquiry the class stay together for the majority of teaching, however in Maths children may be taught through differentiated groups.

Each day the children will take part in a focused small group sessions with an adult. While focus groups are taking place, the rest of the class is encouraged to initiate and develop their learning in continuous provision areas. This approach allows social interactions to take place within and across year groups. Sometimes challenges linking to a specific area of learning are set up within continuous provision, allowing opportunities for rehearsal of skills and mastery.


Outdoor Learning

The outdoor area with its unique characteristics and features provides our children with one of the best possible environments in which to learn. Children learn to take calculated risks and test their ideas.

At Pakefield our outdoor areas reflect the learning from our classrooms and enhances provision by encouraging the children to move their learning forward and achieve objectives in specific ways. Children are inspired by those around them to approach their learning in different ways and discover ways to solve problems while following their own lines of enquiry. 

At Pakefield we regularly explore, work and celebrate in our local community. As a beach school, children have the opportunity to play and learn in their coastal environment to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.



Ofsted (September 2021) have graded our Early Years provision as Good.

"Leaders also place high importance on children’s development of language and communication in early years. Adults check children’s starting points quickly and use this information to plan learning that helps children learn well. Those who need additional support are provided with the help they need."

"Pupils behave exceptionally well. They are kind, and look after each other and play together very happily."


Foundation Stage Long Term Planning 

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Common themes that may also be covered

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Year 1 Curriculum



Please remember that we are a no nut school.