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Music Curriculum Statement of Intent

At Pakefield Primary School, our overall intention is to provide an enjoyable, accessible music provision which inspires pupils, giving them the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to become creative, expressive members of a musical community, alongside being critical, thoughtful listeners of music.

Our pupils are given opportunities to explore a wide range of musical genres and eras, listening to great musical composers and performers throughout history, to present day. Children are taught to appraise music in detail, using technical vocabulary to express their opinion regarding music and be able to make thoughtful, well-reasoned recommendations to one another.

Our students are encouraged to appreciate a wide range of music, respecting the cultural, religious, spiritual and personal significance that music can hold for people. As a school, we appreciate the emotional impact that music can have for people and explore this with our pupils. We strive to embed music into our day to day lives, using music throughout the range of subjects and lessons.

We provide our students with the opportunity to rehearse and perform music on a number of platforms, in a safe, nurturing environment where they can develop confidence, self-esteem and resilience. Allowing our children the opportunity to perform, both in and out of school, fosters an inclusive, supportive community, which promotes self-expression and collaboration.



Music Curriculum Implementation

At Pakefield Primary school, we ensure that Music is delivered in our classrooms consistently and at a high level. Following the guidance from the National Curriculum, we strive to engage and inspire pupils and instil in them a love of music, in the hopes that they embrace and pursue their musical talents.

In class, all pupils are given the opportunity to perform and listen to a wide range of music, spanning historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the work of great composers and performers. Children are guided to appraise and evaluate this music by learning appropriate, technical musical vocabulary, relating to the eight elements of music: dynamics, tempo, melody, pitch, structure, timbre, texture and harmony. As pupils progress through the school, the detail and range of technical vocabulary they can use will develop, along with their application of it. We aim to support pupils to become critical thinkers and apply this when reviewing pieces of music.

Throughout the school there are a range of additional opportunities that the children can partake in. External, specialist music teachers deliver lessons, teaching pupils to play a range of instruments. We work with local agencies, professionals and organisations to provide opportunities to rehearse and perform to a wider community. In addition, music clubs within school allow our children further opportunity to express themselves, perform and rehearse music.

Music Curriculum Impact

At Pakefield Primary School, we envisage our music curriculum impacting our pupils in the following ways:

  • Children will develop their understanding and appreciation for different cultures.
  • Children will develop confidence as creators, listeners and performers.
  • Children will become active members of a musical culture, recommending and appraising music.
  • Performances for the community will inspire and challenge children, developing resilience and self-esteem.

Additionally, we strive to develop:

  • A love of music.
  • An appreciation for the emotional impact music can have.
  • Specific musical talents.
  • Teamwork.
  • Respect.

As the pupils leave each Key Stage, they are expected to have developed their skills to perform, compose and appraise music. Children’s knowledge of music and technical, musical vocabulary will increase as they experience a wider range of music throughout their development.

Half termly-assessments will be used to monitor each child’s progression in musical skill, knowledge and their understanding of specific musical vocabulary. The music leader will conduct learning walks and lesson observations periodically to ensure a rich, detailed curriculum is being delivered consistently, at the highest possible standard.



Please remember that we are a no nut school.