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Pakefield Primary

School Council 2020-2021


Meet our School Council




 My Name is Miley and the reason that I wanted to be a school councillor is because I really like to help everyone if they need it. Also I really like nature so I am really excited to start the garden. My favourite hobbies are to dance and to do gymnastics. My interests are Arts and Crafts. My least favourite things are Covid-19 and Maths. My favourite subjects are Art and PE.




 Hello, my name is Brandon and I have a lot of hobbies and love loads of animals. I am in Year 6, Koalas and my favourite animals are sloths, all types of big cats, penguins, koalas, all types of whale, sea lion and many, many more. My hobbies are playing video games such as Minecraft, ROBLOX, cities: skylines and lots of other games. 



 Hello, my name is Reggie and I am 10 years old. My class is Pandas in Year 6. My hobby and lifejob is dancing (I bet you didn’t know that I like F1 driving as well) If you didn’t know, my favourite food is a Big Mac from McDonalds. I am very nice and I am always there to help anybody that needs it,




 Hello. I am Daisy. I am 10 years old and the reason I wanted to do the School Council this year was because I wanted to improve my confidence and share my ideas with the community.  Also, I have a few hobbies such as dancing, drawing, playing the piano and playing with my pets.



 Hello, I am Sienna. I wanted to be in the School Council because I would like to make the school a better place to be. I hate when children come into school sad and upset and I desperately want to help everybody out. I am 10 years old and I go to Pakefield Primary School. My favourite food is sushi. I love going to the sushi restaurant and eating lots of food.  I love helping people if they are upset and have no one to play with. My favourite subject is PE because I love sports and especially running. This year is going to be great because I can inspire pupils to be caring to each other and the world. They can tell that to other people which will spread quickly and catch on. My favourite author is Jeff Kinney. I am obsessed with The Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. I can’t stop myself from reading them. I believe that if we all work together, we can make a change in Pakefield Primary School to be kind and caring to one another.



 My name is Frankie.  I love to dance. I am interested in music, Harry Potter and my hamster, Fluffy.

I wanted to be a School Councillor because I wanted to make the school a better place.



  Hi. My name is Haydn. I am 7 years old and live with my Mum and little sister. My favourite thing to do is to go to the woods and the beach. I also like riding my bike. I am really looking forward to being a part of the School Council and making a difference.



 My name is Florence. I am in Sharks class in Year four. I am so excited to be on the School Council and am proud to represent my fellow students.

I have good ideas, I am a good listener, I am fair and always look out for other people (not just my friends). The thing I am most looking forward to is interviewing teachers.

My hobbies include surfing and playing the guitar. I also go to Cubs and Nippers (lifeguard training)

I have a dog called Ernest and a cat called Snowdrop. I love to go on camping holidays with my family in our van.



 Hi. I’m Isla and I am 9 years old.

My hobbies are: Gymnastics, baking, dog walking and cycling.

My interests are: school, saving the planet, climate change, cats and dogs.

Why I wanted to be a School Councillor: I wanted to be a school councillor because I want to help to make the school a better place and help to organise events. I also wanted to help around school.



  I’m Imogen and I love animals especially bunnies and dogs. I actually have 5 rabbits and 1 hyper dog.

My favourite things to do out of school is to walk my dog with my Mum across the field and feed my very greedy bunnies. They like to bite fingers.

I wanted to be a on the School Council so I can take extra care of people when they need it and make sure they are ok.




  Hi I’m Megan and I’m in year 6 Koalas class. I love to act, sing, dance and trampoline. I have been in two shows with the Lowestoft Players. I want to be a School Councillor to help make the school better. I’ve had lots of ideas about how we can raise money even with Covid - 19.



 My name is Archie. I wanted to be on the school council this year because I love to help out in my school. I haven’t always been the most confident person, so I thought if I signed up that this would help me with that. As a member of the school council I am excited to work on big projects and help around the school.

I like to play games at home and at school both online (at home) or offline (at school.) I also like to play sports I like to play hockey which I started at the age of seven and started football at 4 with my friends.

I have a passion for science, I really enjoy learning about space, I find it fascinating that there is so much more, not just earth, and the amount of possibilities there are out there.

I am looking forward to starting this journey with my fellow Councilors and helping to make the school a great place to be and learn.



Please remember that we are a no nut school.