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Pakefield Primary

School staff


Core Leadership Team

Mr M Payne Headteacher
Mrs M Rodwell Deputy Headteacher
Mrs R Creasey Assistant Headteacher - Inclusion
Teaching Staff 
Miss K Boggis Nursery Teacher 
Mrs R Creasey Reception Class Teacher  - Giraffes 
Miss A Jeffery Reception Class Teacher  -  Zebras
Mrs S Nielson     

Class Teacher - Year 1 - Turtles

Phase 1 Leader 

Mrs S Gow

Mrs J Head(Maternity Leave)

Class Teacher - Year 1 - Tigers
Mrs L Kinrade

Class Teacher - Year 1


Mrs A Bale

Class Teacher - Year 2 -  Meerkats

Mrs H Phillips

Miss H Wilson

Class Teacher - Year 2 - Penguins
Mr M Fleckney

Class Teacher - Year 3 - Eagles

Phase 2 Leader

Miss C Abel Class Teacher - Year 3 - Bears
Mrs E Butler Class Teacher - Year 4  - Sharks
Miss L Hicks

Class Teacher - Year 4 - Dolphins 

Phase 2 Leader 

Miss M McCann   Class Teacher - Year 5 - Badgers
Mrs H Lindow Class Teacher - Year 5 - Lions

Mrs S de Sousa

Class Teacher - Year 6 - Koalas

Phase 3 Leader 

 Miss S Thomson

Class Teacher - Year 6 - Pandas 

Mrs F Harper

Class Teacher - Year 6 - Pandas


Mrs A Lock 

Phase Leader

On maternity leave 

Mrs M Game PPA Teacher 
Mrs P Jennings School Counsellor
Mrs K Blowers Pastoral Support Worker 
Support Staff
Mrs K Tallett-Pickess Business Manager
Mrs M Gooch Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Hirst Administrative Assistant
Miss J Williams Administrative Assistant
Mrs L Reeve Cover Supervisor
Mrs M Bedwell Cover Supervisor
Mrs C Warren HLTA
Mrs H Wells Learning Support Assistant
Mrs L Osborne Learning Support Assistant
Mrs V Veness Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Turner Learning Support Assistant
Mrs A Starling Learning Support Assistant
Mrs J Mutton Learning Support Assistant
Mrs I Firmin Learning Support Assistant
Mrs E Strachan Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Bacon Learning Support Assistant
Mrs K Stebbings Learning Support Assistant
Miss A Saunders Learning Support Assistant
Mrs H Stokes-Hayward Learning Support Assistant
Mrs S Goldspink Apprentice TA
Miss C Wells Apprentice TA
Miss W Sparkes Nursery Nurse
Mrs K Simpson Nursery Nurse
Mrs J Mann Head of Kitchen
Mrs S Roberts General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs D Philp General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs S Askew General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs A Starling Breakfast Club Supervisor
Mrs S Jackson Senior Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs E Thurbon Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss J Powles Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs D Whiteside Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Goldspink Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss J Eastaugh Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs N Clements Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs N Reynolds Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Heath Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C Fulcher Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs V Blackburn Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs K Mills Midday Supervisory Assistant
Miss C Gooch  Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs C Stammers Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mrs S Bullard Midday Supervisory Assistant
Mr L Thompson Site Manager
Mrs S Jackson Cleaner
Mrs S Berriman Cleaner
Mrs S Wallis Cleaner
Miss E Bowen Cleaner





Please remember that we are a no nut school.