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School Closure

Our school aims to be open in all, but very exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances would include extreme weather conditions such as snow, gale force winds or localised flooding.


On day 1 of any school closure, we would encourage your child to engage in some reading activities or complete any homework.


In the event of a school closure for more than 1 day we will move to online lessons via teams. We will provide some live learning during the day – timings will vary depending on the age of your child. Information will be shared on day 1 of closure informing you of content and timings.


We appreciate that this may be difficult if you have more than one child who needs access. We will endeavour to stagger live activities as much as possible. We will also supply links to other activities to complete at any time during the day.


Children's Teams Logins will be sent via text message to parents and will be needed top access online learning. There is an expectation that children will take part in online teaching.  


Please use the link to log in. 


Teams - Children's Log In





Please remember that we are a no nut school.